Chris’s News

2 07 2009

Was up!
Hey Guys And Gals Yesterday I got membership WOOH! For 6 months and I got the lava armor
And Now for Chris’s Daily news

Welcome To Chris’s News

Today On the news we heard a guy walking into Flyboy’s House We had the bat hold a Voice Recorder this is what he said

Fang : hmm where is that golden treasure chest Ill find it sooner or later hey ants where is Flyboy’s tresure Chest

Ants: Its over there go to the second floor onto the left

Fang: Thank you ants

Ants: No probelmo

Fang: Hey cool his wallet!

Fang : And His gold coins

Dinocops: Put your hands up

Mystery man:You’ll never get me alive sucker!

Mystery man: *Any closer and I launch this rocket launcher

Dinocops: All we want to know is your name

Fang: Never mwahahahha

Fang: peace out!

Dinocops: He is getting away get him!

Fang:Here you go master

Chris mwhahaha thank you young Fang

Narrorator:That’s the story for today




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