Chris’s News!

3 07 2009

hello for today what happened to chris!!!!

On todays story we got flyboy to fly and see what happened to chris here is the story

Chris:What the! where am I

Old man:You are in a toilet hehehe

Navy Man1: WHta are u doing in the island of Tamyhedrian

Chris:What I have no clue!

Navy Man2: Maybe he got amnesia

Chris: Yah right I don’t have amnosodi

Navy Man2:Yah take this guy to the hospital

Chris:Don’t you dare touch me

Navy Men 1,2,3,and4:Lets go poop!

Chris: Oh yah MEGA FLAME TOOT!!!!!!!

Navy men: Omg!

Chris: I think theres more Toot away buttox


Tammy: I wonder where flyboy is

Moon: I have no clue

Back at the other island

Chris:I got to find my way out!

Old man 2: Here take this gem

Chris: Wonder what this is

Old man 2: Trust me you need it!

Chris : ummmm ok

Old man2 : *walks away*

Chris: Oh here there we go

Chris: good thing some guy left this here

Chris: ahhh how do I steer *loses control*

Chris : where am I

Young lady : you are at Webosaurs Island

Chris : Let me out Im going home

Young ladies: O.K.

Chris: Finally at home

Chris : I need to poo and toot a little

That’s the story for today




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