3 07 2009

O.K. for today we go to see what happened to the gem Chris had that the old man gave him listen!

Chris :What the heck!

Bones:Hey Chris

Chris : Get away!!!!!

Bones : Why whats happening

Chris: trust me go!! out the window!

Bones: Ok,Ok

Officer: Let us in!

Officer2: What’s  happening in there

Officer 1 &2 : We are going to bust in!

Officer 3: Kick the door!!!

Officer’s : Yes,Sir!

Chris: You wouldnt want to come in or else!

Officer Commander: Hahaha

Officer Commander : GO go go!



Chris : What did I say!

Chris : *Crushes everyone!*

Chris: Like I said ” Don’t come in ”

Chris: *Walks out*

Chris: Now to crush and destory every mod!

Bones : I wonder where Chris is?

Chris : I’m right here!


Chris : Now to keep you here at the Tao temple for now

Chris: Out to find……

Chris : Tammy

Tammy: Hey Everyone

Person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 : Hey Tammy

Chris: * Grabs Tammy Say good-bye!

Chris : Now stay here at the Tao Temple

Tammy : Let us out!!!!!(echos)

Flyboy: Did you here anything?

Moon: Yah what was that lets go to the Tao Temple!

Flyboy: O.k.!

Flyboy and moon arrive at the Tao Temple

Flyboy : anyone here?

Tammy: help!

Chris : hahaha I don’t think so!

Flyboy: Don’t worry moon

Chris: *grabs knife*

Flyboy: mwhahaha *grabs axe*

Chris and flyboy fight

Chris : You wont win Flyboy!

Flyboy: I think I will

Chris: sure! * Grabs Flyboys wings and pull backward*

Flyboy: ahhhh the pain!

Moon: Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris :*Kicks moon*

Moon: I aint giving up!

Chris : I know u ain’t

Chris: Thats why I grabbed the gem

Chris :hehehe

Moon: What a gem what does that do!

Chris hehe *throws at moon*

Moon :It hurts

Chris : I know its called ‘The pain gem”

Moon: *Faints*

Chris : What the whats this pain in My arm!

Moon: * Gets up and grabs Chris ,and puts oil on him!*

Chris: What is happening

Moon: Ok Ill call secerety and take yal to he hospital

Chris : Wat happened Moon

Moon : Nothing Chris Nothing

Chris : O.k.

Thats how the story ends so now we know the gem hurts people but what happened to chris how did he turn evil see next time on Chris’s News!




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