Chris’s News

3 07 2009

hey guys today’s new’s Where did Tammy go!

Hey guys for today Tammy was gone did someone kiddnap her

here is our bird cam

slash:lalalala delivering a pizza! lalla

Chris: mwhahah there is Tammy

Tammy: hey everyone



guy1:What the How is he

guy2:I dont know!

Reporter:take ths and follow him around


Chris: Tammy come here

Tammy:Sure Chris

Chris:mwhhaha ur trapped with rope!

Tammy: ahhhh!

Chris: Not happenenign time to go to the Prarie pool

Tammy : flyboy will find me!!!

Chris:ha right lets go to the cave lady!


Chris:I’ll put you in the boat!


Flyboy:hmm what was that

moon:to the prarie pool in the cave!!!!!

Chris:Into the boat!

Tammy: ahhhhhhh

Moon: Hands up Chris!

Flyboy: *Gets hammer*

Chris :mwahahaha I have a rocket launcher

Chris: Launches Rocket

Flyboy: ahhh!

Chris: Peace out!

Flyboy: I dont think so

Flyboy: toot time!

Chris :oh no!!!!!!

Flyboy:hehehe *toots*


Moon,flyvoy,sun,thunder,and rex: Glad your safe Tammy

Tammy:Thank you


Thats how our story ends but what happened to Chris? Find out next time




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