Chris’s News!

4 07 2009

For todays story I WONT TELL YOU

Chris : Hey everyone

People: Hey chris , Was up ,hey

Yoda: Yes, young jedi hi

Chris: Ok what the! yoda this is not kool from Star Wars

Yoda : Yes, I am young jedi *Whoosh whoosh*

Hello Kitty: Hi everyone Like my new dress?

Everyone :??????????

Chris : Ok im outa here


Chris : Finnaly some peace

Barney : Hello Kids! Wanna play bowling!

Dora the Explora : Do do do dora do do dora

Chris: Ok what is with this!

Dora the Explora: Come on boots

Chris : Yo I need the army to come

Midgets : Hey was up dogs!

Chris : Who let these guys in

Mewtwo: Wooosh wosh woosh

A cow : Yo was up cow man here I am the hizzy dogs

Chris : Guys this aint kool!

Chris : Im outa here

Chris: Finally a hot tan

Little Bill: Hey kidz This is little Bill

Gangsta : *Takes out bazooka*

Little Bill: Omg kids run!!!!!!!!!!

Gangsta : rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris: Im going to the forest Hopefully no one’s there

Spongebob: spongebob square pants spongy bob square pants!

Squdwrd: Be quit spongy

Patrick : Nothing…

Chris : come on!

Chowder : Hey Mung Dull

Chowder : wait your not him ahhhhh! hey cool a potato chip!

Elmo: Was up guys like my fishy!

Chris : OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrortor: Hehehe

Thats how we found out that the narrortor was doing all that Im just a hobo

R.I.P Narrorator




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