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5 07 2009

For todays news I was talking to pterry How do I get to the moon and about a space suit here is the story

Pterry: Urika-Saurus!

Chris: Hey pterry I was thinking you should make a rocket ship and a space suit!

Pterry: Urika-Saurus good work chris Ill get on to it!

Chris :    🙂 Ok start on it now

Pterry : No prob

Chris : I got to go play a game with horns then quizbo with A few other people

Pterry: hehhehe Complete!

Pterry: Now to go get Chris

Chris:Hey pterry Whats up

Pterry: It s time to the lab to go to the…moon!

Chris: Shouldn’t  Modosaurmoon do this he has moon in his name

Pterry: Nope

Chris well bye everyone

Pterry: *Clicks button then rocket ship flys*

Chris: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pterry: Ureka-Sorus!

Chris :Im on the moon!Well Might as well get some rocks then go back

Chris: *grabs rock* time to go home


Chris: Back

Pterry:Good work Chris

Thats how we went to the moon




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6 07 2009


6 07 2009

awesome chris
nice blog!

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