The WC Moderators!

Wc Legendary Moderator:(Chris retired from this blog and made a blogspot)
Wc Legendary Moderator:Dogy and agility
Wc Exinct Protector Moderator:???
Wc Protector Moderator:???
Wc Protector Beginer Moderator:???
Wc Fossil Moderator:???
Wc Prehistoric Moderator???
Wc General Moderator:???
Wc Commander Moderator:???
Wc Dinostropic Moderator:???
Wc King Moderator:???
Wc Leader Comander Moderator:???
Wc Captian Moderator:???
Wc Lutenet Moderator:???
Wc Sargent Moderator:???
Wc Private Mderator:???
Wc Fame Moderator:???
Wc Geinus Moderator:???
Wc Editor Moderator:???
Wc Officer Moderator:???
Wc Moderator: ???
Wc General Elite???
Wc Xspeed:???
Wc Fast Elite
Wc Army Comander:???
Wc Secret Comander:???
Wc Hideen Comander:???
Wc Elite 5:???
Wc Elite 4???
Ec Elite 3:???
Wc Elite 2:???
Wc Elite 1: ???
Wc Comander troop:???
Wc Troop Elite:hippo
Wc Officer comander???
Wc Officer:viper and aido
Wc Maniac:???
Wc Maniac:???
Wc Maniac:???
Wc Maniac:???
Wc Fan: ???
Wc Beginers:???


4 responses

29 06 2009

Hi Chris!!! We love your blog! Please email me, I have a couple questions for you.


29 06 2009

hey chris here email me at

5 07 2009

hi chris nice blog sent on 5 july exellent

from fang

18 07 2009

Hi! Can I join? You know me from Chobots and I would love to help, Chris! 🙂

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